Skin Care

Restore balance to your skin with a customized skincare treatment
delivered by experienced estheticians. Restorative skin sessions are
designed to focus on your specific needs based on your evaluation,
using personalized products, essential oil aromas, and facial
Serenity & Spa Estheticians begin your facial treatment with a
personalized evaluation and consultation, followed by a deep
cleansing facial customized to your skin type.

Serenity Signature Facial
75min $110+

Serenity Signature Facial is a personalized aromatic detoxifying and
revitalizing treatment, based on an exclusive 5 phase deep cleansing
method that detoxifies the skin, brightens and clarifies the
complexion, smooths the skin texture, and unclogs pores. Great for
people with asphyxiated, tired skin that lacks radiance, presence of
blackheads, or an essential relaxing facial for all skin types.

Wholesomely Hydrating
60min $85+

Wholesomely Hydrating is a thirst-quenching and rejuvenating
phyto-aromatic treatment for dehydrated skin. This facial provides
deep hydration with Hyaluronic acid, it’s soothing, and rebalances the
skin. Great for people with deeply dehydrated skin, anytime of year.

Calm Skin Calm Mind
60min $85+

Calm Skin Calm Mind is a phyto-aromatic facial treatment that
soothes and comforts the skin with pre and probiotics, reduces
irritation, and soothes redness. Great for people with sensitive,
reactive skin and skin that is prone to redness

Michigan Man Facial
60mins $85+

Awaken even the most tired skin caused by stress, travel, and
environmental aggressors. This treatment will address
irritation caused by shaving, the build-up of dry skin, pore congestion,
and uneven skin tone. Whether your facial hair is long or short, our
estheticians will select products enriched with vitamins and
botanicals tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Skin Care

Brightening-C Peel
60min $95+
3 service pkg. $256.

Brightening-C Peel is an advance skin care treatment for anti-aging
and unifying and brightening sublime skin health that smoothes
wrinkles, illuminates and enhances the complexion, and clarifies and
diminishes pigmentation irregularities. Great for people with signs of
photoaging, dull, tired skin, and pigment spots. For best results this
treatment is recommended to do in series of 3.

Alpha Vital

single service $85+.
3 service pkg. $230.

Alpha Vital is an intensive peeling treatment for renewed skin texture.
This treatment evens and brightens the complexion, tightens pores,
and refines the skin texture. Great for people with dull, tired skin, skin
with wrinkles and fine lines, skin with scarring (post acne, etc), and
change of seasons. For best results this treatment is recommended
to do in series of 3.

Pure Hydro facial

60min $199+
30min $159.+

Experience the most up-to-date fusion technology, designed to
delicately yet rigorously refresh and revive any skin type. An
innovative, minimally-invasive skincare facial treatment that has the
power to minimize and reverse your most bothersome skin problems.
The Pure Hydro Facial addresses acne-prone skin, oily or dry skin,
fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads and clogged-enlarged pores, as
well as uneven skin discoloration such as hyperpigmentation. With
the flexibility to customize according to each clients concern, each
hydro-facial starts with an evaluation by your esthetician, followed
with cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant
protection to remove dead skin cells and impurities while
instantaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.

Acne Solutions

single service $95+.
5 service pkg. $428.

Acne Solutions is a decongesting and deep cleaning facial treatment
that may include extractions and high-frequency to kill acne-causing
bacteria on contact. Decongesting and deep cleansing removes
excess surface sebum, dead skin cells, and buildup in the pores,
while eliminating bacteria without inducing a sebum. Hydration with a
cooling mask will soothe inflammation.
In some cases, LED therapy with blue light is recommended to help in
the prevention of future breakouts and relieves active breakouts.

Radio Frequency

single service $95+.
5 service pkg. $428.

Radio Frequency facials are recommended to those experiencing
loss of firmness in their skin. Radio frequency softens lines and firms
loose skin while defining facial curvatures – both immediately and
over time by stimulating collagen production and boosting oxygen
levels, also great for “general radiance”. For best results this
treatment is recommended to do in series of 5.


single service $85+.
3 service pkg. $230.

Microdermabrasion procedure is an effective exfoliating treatment
used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, reduce
enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, and can rejuvenate aging
skin’s appearance in a short time.  Microdermabrasion helps to
diminish aging skin cells and damaged skin layers to reveal fresher
younger-looking skin and a brighter smoother complexion.

Dermaplaning $60.
(add to facial $30)

Dermaplaning is an effective treatment for any skin type that removes
the dead skin cells and “peach fuzz”  to give your skin a more
youthful, smooth & radiant appearance.

Enhancements to Facials

Microcurrent + LED Light Therapy $70
LED Light Therapy only $60
(Microcurrent + LED Therapy add to facial $40.)
(LED Therapy add to facial $30)

Our Platinum LED Light Therapy sessions are designed to re-hydrate
the face, and increase blood circulation, collagen and elastin
formation to support the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is
intended to improve discoloration, aids in decreasing flaccidity, lifting
sagging tissues, and restoring tone that improves texture, resulting in
an overall improvement, with a more youthful appearance. With 7
different therapeutic lights, each light has unique healing properties,
therefore, we provide a wider range of treatments, ranging from
wellness procedures to anti-aging procedures.

(Six treatments are recommended. Maintenance once a month or as
needed can prolong the youthful appearance).

  •  Red: Energizing. Improves blood flow, stimulates the production
    of energy within body cells, decreases inflammation, and gives the
    skin a much younger look and feel
  • Blue: Antibacterial. Helps in the prevention of acne, relieves
    active breakouts, and reduces the appearance of age lines and
  •  Yellow: For sensitive skin. Enhances immunity, promotes
    lymphatic drainage, improves hyperpigmentation and rosacea, and
    reduces redness, inflammation, and swelling.
  •  Green: Calming. Helps in the reduction of melasma and
    discoloration issues in general. Repairs damaged skin and
    minimizes sun spots.
  •  Purple: Cellular regeneration. Relieves muscular pain, improves
    skin color, and minimizes stretch marks.
  •  White: Youthful glow. Minimizes lines of aging and wrinkles,
    helps scars heal, and reduces inflammation.

Back Scrub $30.

Experience a luxurious, revitalizing back scrub revealing glowing skin.
Our soft, creamy body exfoliator
lightly scrubs away dead skin cells while imparting featherweight

Eye nourishment &LIP perfection treatment $30.
( with facial or microdermabrasion $20)

Targeted anti-aging treatment to refresh and plump the eye and lip
contours. Nourishment treatments soothe and cool the delicate eye
area. Treatments help to fade dark circles and reduce puffiness and
fine lines. (Eye & Lip treatments can be added to facial or
microdermabrasion services).