To create the customized specialized perm or blowout, it is best to schedule a consultation first with the stylist, at which point, you and your stylist will customize that look, and discuss the care of your new perm or blowout.

Specialty Wave

A specialty perm service opens up the possibilities to a myriad of looks. The biggest factor in a successful perm is the perm wrap, Sophisticated or couture looks can be created with specialty wrapping techniques custom placed and directed for your desired look, hair texture, and length.

Now you can choose from all different styles of perms, from tightly wound curls to loose beachy waves that give your hair the volume and texture you desire.

•  Spiral creates a mix of various sizes and very tight curls extending from the root to the tip of each hair follicle. The hair length should be a minimum of eight inches for the optimal curl. With proper hair maintenance, your perm should last up to six months.

•  Body Wave gives volume and wave and helps to hold a style without tight curls. The life of a body wave perm is approximately three to five months.

•  Multi-texture Creates tight curls of various sizes and directions. With proper care, the texture perm should last several months.

•  Volumizing perm creates more volume rather than tight curls. Suited for both short and long hair, however, because it lasts about six weeks, plan on regular maintenance appointments with your stylist if you choose to keep this look long-term.

•  Root perm gives a natural volume look, a great way to revive perms growing out. Lasts for approximately one month.

•  Partial/Spot perms focus on areas needing waves, volume, or curl (not the entire head).



Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

NKST is a multi-award-winning keratin treatment that penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl, making the hair stronger, smoother and healthier. This revolutionary smoothing treatment is powered by Signature Keratin to help repair damage, eliminate frizz, cut styling time and deliver a soft, smooth and shiny finish.


All hair types
Up to 5 months


Personalized Blow Out®

PBO is a customizable treatment that is powered by K-Pure Juice™— a proprietary juice blend of keratin, botanicals, and amino acids. It has the ability to smooth frizz, straighten hair or define curls.

Smoother hair or defined curls without the frizz.

Up to 3 months